We create quality lupin products to make gluten free eating tasty, family friendly, and healthy

We understand what it’s like to have dietary requirements, our family has them too.  We want to eat yummy, normal food that is still good for us while being gluten-free.  This is where lupins fit so well.  They’re full of nutrition & when we blend them with a carefully selected range of quality ingredients, we create a chocolate brownie that will fill your heart with joy & your tummy with all the good stuff

The Kitto family have been growing lupins since 1980 in the pristine countryside of Western Australia.  We plant the seeds and nurture them through the season to harvesting.  Then we store, mill, blend, and package all ourselves on the farm in our specialised facility.

We make gluten-free eating easy, tasty & healthy

They really are a part of our family.

We understand how these little legumes need to be nurtured. We plant, grow, harvest, store, mill, blend and package all on farm to create a quality wholemeal lupin flour. It’s all  part of our family, until it becomes part of yours.

Coeliac Australia Endorsement

Customer Love

I made banana loaf with lupin flour and it was delicious, can’t wait to bake more things.

- Tee

Lupin Self Raising flour, Zucchini Slice, tick!
Nailed It!

- Fiona

Lupin flour making our Sinkota gluten free and delicious.
Thank you MPK.

- Sue M

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Banana Overload

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Lupin Flour Zucchini Fritters

Lupin Flour Zucchini Fritters

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Salmon Patties

Salmon Patties

We love eating salmon patties and as a kid they were always a summer meal.  In our house we eat these either in summer or winter.  I add some lupin goodness to our salmon patties with our wholemeal lupin flour. INGREDIENTS 1 tin pink salmon 3 Tablespoons wholemeal...

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