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Self raising lupin flour

Easy to use self raising lupin flour

500g of easy to use gluten free self raising lupin flour.  Use in all your recipes as you would wheat flour, for the same result, without the gluten side effects.   

Easy to use self raising lupin flour
Lupin pancakes

Delicious lupin pancakes

We blend our homemade lupin flour with a carefully selected range of ingredients to bring you this wholesome back to basics delicious gluten free pancake mix.

Delicious lupin pancakes
Wholemeal lupin flour

Nutritious wholemeal lupin flour

Our homemade wholemeal lupin flour is gluten free, packed full of all the good stuff while being versatile in your kitchen 

Nutritious Wholemeal Lupin Flour
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They really are a part of our family

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Coeliac Australia Endorsement

Coeliac Australia

Wise words

I made banana loaf with lupin flour and it was delicious, can't wait to bake more things.


Lupin Self Raising flour, Zucchini Slice tick! Nailed it


Lupin flour making our Sinkonta gluten free and delicious! Thanks MPK!

Sue M

Apple Cinnamon Muffins

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Apple cinnamon lupin muffins