2019 Agrifutures Rural Women's Award – My Provincial Kitchen

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2019 Agrifutures Rural Women's Award


2019 AgriFutures Rural Women's Award

We had Chris Lewis from ABC radio out the farm today to do an interview & photos for the 2019 Agrifutures Rural Women's Award as there will be a segment on the radio about it.  And the thing with doing this interview is that it has helped me realised that I need to share what my dreams are for this.  

This award is not about receiving an award for me, it is so much more then that.  This is an excerpt from Agrifutures about the award  "The AgriFutures™ Rural Women’s Award is Australia’s leading Award in acknowledging and supporting the essential role women play in rural industries, businesses and communities".  So this award gives me the opportunity to speak about a subject I am really passionate about; Empowering the Farmers Wife.

I used to think of myself as JUST a farmers wife.  I had lost my passion, I had lost who I was.  I forgot what my dreams were & what it was that I found joy in.  I was so busy being a wife, mum, and everything else that I got lost in 'life'  What I have discovered now is that I am proud to be a farmers wife & I am more then JUST anything.  

This award is giving me the opportunity to share this passion.  It is allowing me to share something that I find oh so important.  Women are so important in agriculture, in many different roles & being the cook, wife, mum, book keeper,  parts collector, community helper is just as important as being physically involved in the paddock.  I personally feel it is the women in these roles that aren't necessarily represented enough. 

There is much support & encouragement for women in agriculture & many of the representations are for occupations like agronomists, farm hands, consultants etc...this is fantastic to see as the more recognition women can receive for their input the better.  There is not a lot of mention of the women who stay at home and bring up the children, cook the food to feed their family as well as the workers employed & many other things in between.  

I want to bring light to these women & I want to be able to show them that they are vitally important in the many roles they play.  I also want to show these women that there can be many opportunities for them to be able to step out of their "normal role".  I would love for rural women to look outside of the square and see if there is an opportunity under their nose they could make the most of.

For me it has been the birthing of My Provincial Kitchen.  This is giving me the opportunity to feed my passion for food as well as creativity.  I am having so much fun learning, designing & creating.  The farmer had the idea of getting lupins into human consumption & then the cook worked out a way to take it to the consumers in a friendly and exciting way.  

Many people have worked with lupins in the past & tried to get them into human consumption, I feel we are taking it that one step further.  We are making lupins EASY to consume.  We are creating foods so that people can incorporate this SuperLegume into their everyday.   This is what we feel will help take lupins to the next level, to receive the recognition the deserve.  

I'd love to share more with you as things come together, so make sure you keep an eye on our Facebook & Instagram pages to keep up to date with not only the results of this award but everything else lupin.

 Thanks for stopping by, till next time

T x




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