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Introducing Gluten Free Lupin Pancakes

Life has been very full of late.  With harvest, lunches,  end of school term, one child finishing year 12, general run of the mill book work for the farm, preparing for our stall at the Christmas on the Terrace in Geraldton this week & anything else that just happens to pop up in life......I sometimes have that feeling of being on the treadmill & I'm not sure if I can get off.  

I am lucky enough to have an awesome husband who just happens to know when I need a break & he asked me to go for a ride on the harvester with him yesterday afternoon,  I had that time to catch up on being me.

 The Farmer and The Cook having some time together on the harvester

Before I headed off for my harvester ride I decided I needed to post our newest member to the Lupin family.  So, here is our news..........

We would like to introduce you to our newest member to the MPK family, Gluten Free Lupin Pancakes. 

Lupin pancakes......YUM!

Our family is a LARGE consumer of pancakes & we aren't a completely gluten free family, we just reduce the amount of gluten we consume.  When I do make run of the mill wheat pancakes I would generally make a triple batch to feed our family of 4 teenagers plus the cook & the farmer.  I got such a surprise when I made up a double batch of these pancakes because there was some left over.  

The packet we are selling has 340g of pancake mix in it & with this you are able to make 2 batches of around 13 (10cm) pancakes.  A single batch of these feeds our family, they are so filling & yummy.  We always top our pancakes with some yummy bacon, fruit or maple syrup & they go down such a treat.  It is a truly fulfilling meal.  

Gluten Free Lupin Pancakes

If you'd like to give our Gluten Free Lupin Pancakes a go, you can purchase them here 

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