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Sowing the Seeds for a Family Business

We have had such a great following & interest in our products, it is wonderful to have so much support from our fellow farmers & communities.

The Farm Weekly have a monthly lift out magazine called Ripe & we were asked if we'd be interested in sharing our story with them, of course we sad a great big YES.  You can find the link here

We talk about why we do what we're doing, which I don't know if you can truly get the full gist of what we want to achieve until you have spent a bit of time with us.  This venture is not all about us.  We want to share the benefits of lupin with people as well as help farmers retain sustainable farming by making it financially viable to include lupins back in their rotation.  

We also explain a little more why we have taken lupins that step further in creating packet cakes.

The future is so bright for lupins & My Provincial Kitchen, it's truly exciting to be part of it all.

My Provincial Kitchen lupin loving family
Image by Justine Rowe

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