My Provincial Kitchen and lupins are finding their way

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The story of My Provincial Kitchen is a path of windy twists & turns of lupins, self discovery & doing what we love

Lupins are something we have grown for years & have known how nutrient dense they are.  It's been a long time coming though in trying to work out how to get them into a market for people to be able to benefit from these powerhouse legumes.

We have many members in our farming team, some that are obvious & some that the general public really don't necessarily see or understand the impact they have on our business.

CSBP Fertilisers are one of those cogs in our wheel.  They are an important part of our team.  We work together very closely with our regional manager to find a solution that is spot on for us & our needs.  

When CSBP found out what we are doing with lupins & how we are going about this, they wanted to know more.  They are so very excited for us & for where we are taking these powerhouse legumes & they wanted to help us share this with the world.  So, they spent a day & a half with us, filming, interviewing & taste testing the food.

This is what they came up with, a snapshot of Robert & I, a snippet of our story & some great footage.  Working with them & creating this was scary, liberating & so much fun.

We have so much appreciation for everyone that is involved in our business, whether they be big or small, for if they weren't involved, we couldn't grow the food for people who can't.  

I must admit I have watched this video over & over again.  It warms my heart that someone else can see our passion & deep desire to help the world & they then help us to spread the word, we both are truly touched.

Till next time

Tanya xo

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