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Lupin recipe book

  • Anzac Raspberry Slice

    Here is a delicious sweet gluten free slice made using the MPK Lupin Anzac Biscuit mix. Simple to make and a fun way to add a twist to the classic Anzac Biscuit flavour.
  • Savoury Muffin Waffles by The Nourished Chef

    Lunch-time Waffles! With a few extra added ingredients these waffles are packed with healthy oils and have a big vegan tick of approval. This recipe serves 4.
  • Choc Brownie Cookies

    Use your Choc Lupin Brownie Mix and bake up some cookies for a special after school treat for the kids. Or for yourself with your afternoon cup of tea.
  • No Chickpea Falafel by The Nourished Chef

    Move over chickpeas we’ve got a new hero in town! Incredibly crispy, this recipe is the newest dinner winner to try tonight! This recipe makes 7-8 Falafels.
  • Lupin Flour Wraps by Clarissa from The Nourished Chef

    A quick and easy gluten free wrap recipe.  Perfect for weekend lunches.
  • Double Choc Cookies

    There is always a need for Double Choc Cookies. Always. And even better when you can confidently call them Healthy Double Choc Cookies.
  • Chicken and Vegetable Potato Pie

    Winter is here and baby it's cold outside. At MPK that means it is time to cook everything comforting to warm us up from the inside out. This Healthy Chicken and Vegetable Potato Pie is loaded with vegetables to really fill and warm your bellies. 
  • Lupin hummus

    Low carb, lupin hummus that tastes like the "real thing".
  • Toasted Flaked Lupins

    It is no secret, I love our newest product, Flaked Lupins. They are so versatile, and nutritious. I add them to almost everything, but especially love to toast them. This is the easiest way to incorporate lupins into every single meal. 
  • Chocolate Brownie Tart

    If you are looking for a desert that is set to impress then look no further than this delicious Chocolate Brownie Tart. It is absolutely delicious, and will impress all of your guests when you tell them that it has been made using LUPINS.
  • Bliss Balls

    Who doesn't love Bliss Balls? They are the perfect snack for busy work days, drives town, or lunchboxes! Not only are these tasty their protein & healthy fat content from the lupins, nuts & seeds included make them nutritious and an energy boosting tool for you! 
  • Apple Cake

    The perfect light, fluffy, and oh so tasty Apple Cake using our Self Raising Lupin Flour.