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Add some lupin deliciousness to your dinner

We love eating salmon patties & as a kid they were always a summer meal.  In our house we eat these either in summer or winter.  I add some lupin goodness to our salmon patties with our wholemeal lupin flour.



1 tin pink salmon

3 Tablespoons wholemeal lupin flour

1 brown onion, diced (optional)

1 teaspoon garlic powder

1 teaspoon onion powder

Salt & pepper

2 medium potatoes

Oil for cooking


Peel potatoes (or not) & boil till soft, drain & mash, set aside to cool slightly

Drain salmon & mash (including bones) into a medium sized bowl

Add potato, onion, flour, onion & garlic powder, salt & pepper

Mix all ingredients together well

Form mixture into patties (I like them flatter rather than like balls)

Heat oil in frypan & cook patties 2 or 3 at a time till golden brown, then flip over & cook on the other side until brown

Enjoy with your favourite vegetables or salad, I dished ours up with a serving of roasted vegetables & some greens


Lupin salmon patties


Lupin salmon patties

Chat soon

Tanya xo


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