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Choc Chip Orange Muffins - they remind us of Jaffa's

The farmer is a big fan of these orange choc chip muffins, he says they're a nice break from the choc muffins, choc cookies, choc cake, choc everything that I make :) 




2 cups Self Raising Lupin Flour

2/3 cup rapadura sugar

3 Tablespoon coconut oil – melted & cooled (or other oil of choice)

3/4 cup milk

1 egg

1 orange – juice & rind

¾ cup choc chips


  1. Preheat oven to 180°C fan forced
  2. Prepare muffin tray with muffin cup liners
  3. Place dry ingredients in large mixing bowl
  4. Whisk egg, milk, oil, egg with juice from the orange
  5. Fold wet ingredients into dry
  6. Add orange zest & choc chips & combine, make sure you mix the batter well, this will result in a lighter, fluffier muffin
  7. Spoon batter into muffin tins
  8. Bake for approx. 15 mins till golden brown on top

 RECIPE OPTIONS:  Instead of using choc chips, you could use sultanas.

Choc Chip Orange Muffins

Our family does not eat exclusively gluten free, we do reduce the amount of gluten we consume though.  Sometimes I just like to bake with wheat flour, I usually combine lupin flour in with the wheat flour to reduce the amount of gluten & also to let our family receive the health benefits of the lupin.  Using our Self Raising Lupin Flour makes it easy to replace the wheat flour as it is a 1 for 1 replacement.  

Well that's it from me for now, if you want to keep up with what we're doing at the MPK headquarters make sure you check out our Facebook & Instagram pages, I'm updating there regularly.

Thanks for stopping by, till next time

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