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Gluten free Easter cupcakes

I sometimes wish we had ALL the products, as in every single product I dream up.  Then I come back to reality & am grateful for what we do have.  It also gives me the chance to get a little creative with what we do have right now.

I'm a real cake lover, especially a really good chocolate cake.  It's something I'd love to be able to bring to you in a packet & hopefully we will  be able to one day, but cake, oh my; cake is so delicious.  And it's one thing I miss dearly.  Gluten as well as dairy free & still as delicious as ever, Mmmm Mmmm.

Anyway, I had a brainwave the other night & wondered if I could convert our pancake mix to make cupcakes.  So up early the next morning & I gave it a go.  AND it worked out, then I changed the recipe up a little & made it better.

I started using rapadura sugar, it worked, but the flavour of the maie starch was too strong for me, others would eat them, but not this fussy pants. This is what I came up with that I enjoyed.  The texture is a little crumby like a muffin, but has a lightness to it that is similar to a cupcake. Maybe they should be called mupcakes?!


2 eggs
1/2 cup caster sugar (I used raw, if you want them sweeter you can certainly use more)
1 cup milk (I used almond)
400g lupin 🌱 pancake 🥞 mix (fullpacket)

Preheat oven to 160° C
Add your egg and sugar to a bowl & with an electric mixer beat until it becomes light & fluffy
Add pancake mix (full packet) and beat to combine
Add your milk & keep beating until it forms a slightly runny batter
Line a 12 hole muffin tray with patty pans
Pour batter into lined muffin tray
Place in oven approx 20 minutes
Cool on wire rack & top with frosting

Now I do want to say that these will smell a bit weird when you take them straight out of the oven.  It's the maize starch.  There is also a slight taste of maize starch in them, but it's certainly not a horrible flavour & one that I've tasted several times in a gluten free product.  I am a super fussy eater & I honestly don't eat some of the things I make with lupin because I don't like it, these I enjoyed.  I'll leave it up to you thought to make up your own mind.

Gluten free Easter lupin cupcakes

If you give these a go, let me know what you think, I'd love to hear.

Take care & enjoy your Easter

Tanya x


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