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Healthy lupin hash browns

One food that lupin flour goes really well in but I don't make often is fritters or hash browns, to me there is just too much work in creating them & then I make too many & they sit in the fridge forever & they aren't eaten. 

The problem I have is that they're one food that Robert LOVES ♥ & I do feel for him, because he loves a good homemade hash brown, I just don't make them. 

Today Robert came home for food, I would call it breakfast but it probably is more like brunch, yet it's not guaranteed he won't be in for lunch, so it's food. Anyway, he came home for food & just out of the blue I thought I'd make him some hash browns.  Ummmm, recipe?  Not sure,  let's do a quick google because I have an idea, I just want to confirm it.  I whipped out a potato, some wholemeal lupin flour & an egg, combined them with some salt & pepper & voila, they turned out spectacularly. 

And he was surprised & delighted by the end result (so was I), so I thought I really needed to share the recipe with you here.  They're super easy & it made enough for Robert & I to eat, so they're all gone. This recipe makes 4-6 hash browns, if you need more, just increase your ingredients accordingly.



1 potato (approx 250g)

1 heaped Tablespoon wholemeal lupin flour

1 egg

Salt & pepper

Oil for cooking hash browns in


Wash & grate potato (I leave the skin on for extra fibre), once grated make sure you squeeze out the liquid, I just take a handful of the potato & squeeze, otherwise you can do it with a clean tea towel or paper towel.

Put oil in fry-pan & heat to a medium-high heat

Combine grated potato, lupin flour, egg, salt & pepper in a bowl & mix well

Drop spoonfuls of the potato mix into the hot oil & cook till brown, then turn over with an egg flip to cook through the other side & until golden brown

Take hash browns out of fry-pan & sit on paper towel to drain excess oil

The lupin flour adds this golden hue of deliciousness, while also giving the outside a spectacular crispness.  It is filling, tasty & healthy too.  What more could you want.

Now that I have this recipe under my belt I feel there will be more fritters & hash browns created with these quantities.

You can devour with a healthy serving of bacon, cooked tomatoes & a sprinkling of rocket for that extra hit of pepper.

Lupin Hash Browns

I hope you give this recipe a go, I'd love to hear what you think, or if you try adding other ingredients to switch it around a little.

Chat soon

Tanya xo

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