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Savoury Waffles

Maddi from The Happy Coeliac Australia gave me the idea of using our Savoury Muffin Mix to create savoury waffles.  It's such a great idea & they are absolutely deliciuos.


200g Savoury Lupin Muffin mix (half a pack)
1 egg
1/2 cup grated cheese
30ml olive oil
120 ml milk


Prepare waffle maker
In a medium sized bowl combine egg, oil & milk, mix well to combine
Add grated cheese & 200g savoury muffin mix & stir to combine all ingredients
Once waffle maker is ready, pour mix into machine & close lid
Cook waffles until brown & crispy

These are perfect to have with a bowl of soup, or with some crumbed chicken & salad

Lupin savoury waffles

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