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Sometimes you just want a little zing in your life

And this recipe can give you that, or not, depending on what you're looking for.

We would love to farm organically but with being broad-acre farmers we just can't do that.  It takes ALOT of time & money to get to an organic state & it needs to be sustainable.  The thing is, we feel privileged to be able to grow food for people who can't.  There's so many people in the world that rely on people like us to grow their food & we need to try to provide as much food as possible.  With this being the case, we farm & grow to a safe farm practice, which means we choose the times of applications of chemicals & fertilisers.  It is paramount that we get this timing right every time because otherwise the food may not be safe for people to eat or it may impinge on our yields & quality.

It is important that people know where their food comes from & how it is grown so they are able to make a conscious decision about what they eat & put into their bodies.  With this in mind, we feel not everyone understands what actually has to go into growing food on a large scale.  A company we work with feels the same.  

CSBP are our fertiliser supplier & we have worked with them for many years.  They're fantastic at helping us where they can & they always listen to what it is we feel we need as farmers & food producers.  CSBP are wanting to show people that they aren't just a fertilsier company, they see themselves as part of a team that helps to produce food to feed our growing population.  

With all of this in mind, they are creating a series of videos to show the community who the people are that grow the food they eat.  And CSBP plays an important role in that food too.  We were approached by CSBP because they want people to see what we are doing with lupin, they are as excited as we are with where we are going. 

So they brought a film crew out to the farm to shoot some footage of farming, cooking & life in general for the Kitto family farm & My Provincial Kitchen.  It was a jam packed day & it pushed some buttons & boundaries with showing up as who we are in the food space.  It is something we are learning to do (hopefully with a little grace) & they were so supportive & encouraging, they made it as easy as they could.  

Anyway, one of the recipes I baked for them was this lemon slice.  It can be something you eat straight out of the oven, or if you are patient, you can wait for it to cool & ice.



100g Self Raising Lupin Flour

65g Wholemeal Lupin Flour

20g desiccated coconut

55g almond meal

125ml macadamia oil (or light olive oil)

125ml maple syrup

1 lemon rind zested plus some juice if you like


  1. Preheat oven to 180 (fan forced or standard)
  2. Line 20cm x 30cm slice tray with baking paper
  3. Whisk together flours, almond meal & coconut
  4. Add oil, maple syrup & lemon zest, mix until well combined
  5. Press into prepared tin & bake for approx. 15 minutes

 * We love to ice this slice with a combination of coconut cream & maple syrup whipped together then sprinkled with a little desiccated coconut, or you can just sprinkle it with some icing sugar.

 Lemon Slice

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