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Lupin recipe book

  • Savoury Muffin Waffles by The Nourished Chef

    Lunch-time Waffles! With a few extra added ingredients these waffles are packed with healthy oils and have a big vegan tick of approval. This recipe serves 4.
  • Savoury Lupin Muffin

    Our gluten free Lupin Savoury Muffins are filling, tasty & oh so easy to make.  With tomato, capsicum, onion & garlic they’re packed with flavour to satisfy your taste-buds. Plus they include spinach, so you'll feel good about your family having some extra greens.  
  • Savoury Waffles

    Maddi from The Happy Coeliac Australia gave me the idea of using our Savoury Muffin Mix to create savoury waffles.  It's such a great idea & th...
  • Lupin breakfast loaf

    Looking for a delicious breakfast option that is delicious, filling & good for you?  Our Lupin Savoury Muffin mix is so versatile, you can make yourself this scrumptious breakfast loaf & have some on hand in the fridge to devour with some eggs, or lathered in butter for a breakfast on the run
  • Savoury Muffin Pies by Janice

    Lupin savoury muffin mix pies.  Here's the easiest pies you can make & you'll have enough mix left over to make more another day.