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Lupin recipe book

  • Apple Cake

    The perfect light, fluffy, and oh so tasty Apple Cake using our Self Raising Lupin Flour.
  • Sweet lupin waffles

    Delicious sweet lupin waffles to cook any day of the week.  Topped with your favourites.  The best type of gluten free breakfast you could ask for.
  • Lupin Banana Pancakes by Jess from The Gut Project

    Looking for a quick, easy & delicious pancake recipe?  We've got one right here that Jess from The Gut Project  create.  This recipe is gluten free, dairy free & refined sugar free.
  • Cranberry choc hot cross buns by Jess from The Gut Project

    Cranberry choc hot cross buns 🐰  (minus the cross)

    *gluten free  * dairy free  * refined sugar free  
    * can be vegan if you swap eggs for “flax eggs”
    * best served toasted with plenty of butter
  • Maddi's Melbourne Chocolate Cake

    This is a recipe that one of our daughters brought home after she had been on exchange in Melbourne.  It is her favourite cake to bake & she honestly loves to bake it with both gluten & dairy.  We have been successful in making a few tweaks to convert it to be both.
  • Chocolate walnut cake

    Chocolate walnut cake

    I love searching the internet for new recipes & then converting them to be dairy free as well as including our lupin flour.

  • Banana overload

    Do you ever have bananas hanging around & they turn brown?  Then what do you do with them?  I either freeze them for use at a later stage, or I...
  • Lupin Flour Zucchini Fritters - created by chef Russell Blaikie

    Lupin zucchini fritters, really easy to make, full of flavour & nutrition.  You've got to give these ones a go
  • Lupin battered fish that is absolutely delicious

    We love taking a trip to a local coast town to have fish and chips.   The thing is that it is an hours drive away & we're still busy at this ti...
  • Lupin popcorn cookies

    Lupin popcorn cookies are delicious, full of wholesome ingredients & oh so easy to make.  Gluten, egg & dairy free, they're the perfect treat.
  • Scrumptious gluten free apple crumble

    When all you want to do is cook food for your family that they will love, but you want to do it in a way that you feel is healthier for them.  They...
  • Lupin carrot cake deliciousness

    Carrot cake is one that I personally have never liked, the thing is that my family LOVES it.  I have 2 recipes that I make, one of our children lik...