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Lupin recipe book

  • Anzac Raspberry Slice

    Here is a delicious sweet gluten free slice made using the MPK Lupin Anzac Biscuit mix. Simple to make and a fun way to add a twist to the classic Anzac Biscuit flavour.
  • Savoury Muffin Waffles by The Nourished Chef

    Lunch-time Waffles! With a few extra added ingredients these waffles are packed with healthy oils and have a big vegan tick of approval. This recipe serves 4.
  • Choc Brownie Cookies

    Use your Choc Lupin Brownie Mix and bake up some cookies for a special after school treat for the kids. Or for yourself with your afternoon cup of tea.
  • Double Choc Cookies

    There is always a need for Double Choc Cookies. Always. And even better when you can confidently call them Healthy Double Choc Cookies.
  • Bliss Balls

    Who doesn't love Bliss Balls? They are the perfect snack for busy work days, drives town, or lunchboxes! Not only are these tasty their protein & healthy fat content from the lupins, nuts & seeds included make them nutritious and an energy boosting tool for you! 
  • Chocolate Chip Almond Cookies

    Deliciously chocolatey with lupin goodness, no excuses for eating these, they're all good.
  • Lupin Falafels

    Gluten free, nutritious, quick and easy. The perfect recipe for a quick lunch to take on the go, or eat at home.
  • Lupin Apple Cinnamon Cake With Maple Frosting

    The most delicious and nutritious gluten and dairy free Apple cake. This cake will have your calling all of your friends to come over for a catch-up. Using  Wholemeal Lupin Flour you are ticking many nutritional boxes. All My Provincial Kitchen Lupin products are endorsed by Coeliac Australia.
  • Flaked Lupin Granola

    Using some of my favourite Granola ingredients I created this nutritious, easy to make, and super filling Granola that includes are latest product, Flaked Lupins.
  • Lupin Raspberry White Chocolate Loaf

    This Lupin Raspberry White Chocolate Loaf is worthy of being in your favourite cafe. It is delicious, heart warming & oh so luscious.  Perfect for those who have Gluten Free requirements. 
  • Anzac Lupin Biscuits

    The classic Anzac Biscuit with a Lupin twist.
  • Savoury Lupin Muffin

    Our gluten free Lupin Savoury Muffins are filling, tasty & oh so easy to make.  With tomato, capsicum, onion & garlic they’re packed with flavour to satisfy your taste-buds. Plus they include spinach, so you'll feel good about your family having some extra greens.