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Lupin recipe book

  • Lupin Pancakes

    You can have your pancakes & eat them too. Our lupin pancakes are made with natural gluten free ingredients, they're sugar free, high in fibre & they even taste great, so your whole family will love them.
  • Chocolate Lupin Brownie

    Have you been searching for the perfect Chocolate Brownie? One that is gooey like fudge, but light and fluffy, and not too sweet? What about the additional benefits of being loaded with nutritious ingredients?  We’ve got you covered.
  • Sweet lupin waffles

    Delicious sweet lupin waffles to cook any day of the week.  Topped with your favourites.  The best type of gluten free breakfast you could ask for.
  • Gluten free Caramel Slice

    You don't have to be limited to only making biscuits with our lupin Anzac biscuit mix.   Here you will find a delicious gluten free, dairy free, vegan caramel slice that you will have to hide so you don't eat it all in one go.
  • Lupin Anzac Biscuit Recipe by Jess from The Gut Project

    This is another fabulous recipe created by the very clever Jess from The Gut Project
    This recipe makes 16 biscuits, is dairy free, egg free & refined sugar free, and can be made gluten free
  • Lupin Afghans by Kelsi from The Gluten Free Maize

    Kelsi from The Gluten Free Maize loves using our mixes to make family favourites & she has shared another fabulous recipe with us.  This one is a gluten free Afghan biscuit recipe using our Anzac biscuit mix.
  • Delicious Caramel Slice by Sandy from Coeliac Sandy

    A delicious gluten free, dairy free, vegan caramel slice using our Lupin Anzac biscuit mix created by Sandy
  • Chocolate Lupin Brownie

    Super easy, delicious chocolate lupin brownie with an added twist of fruit & nut.  This mix is versatile, easy & oh so yummy.  Why not get your kids in the kitchen to help you whip it up!
  • Lupin Anzac Hedgehog - Vegan

    Our family absolutely loves hedgehog & it's something that I have struggled to recreate with quality ingredients

    That was until I thought about using our Anzac biscuit mix .  You need to make the biscuits first, then crush them & add the other ingredients, set in the fridge & then top with some delicious chocolate.  This is rich, decadent & delicious
  • Gluten free Easter cupcakes

    A cross between a cupcake & a muffin, do you call it a mupcake?  It has a slightly crumby texture like a muffin with a lightness similar to a cupcake.  These are made with our Lupin Pancake mix to make creating something delicious super easy for you.
  • Lupin Donuts

    Baked lupin donuts, healthy, light, fluffy & delicious
  • Anzac fruit crumble

    Our Lupin Anzac Biscuit pack is a versatile product.  You aren't only restricted to making Anzac biscuits with this mix.   We love to use it in a f...