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Toasted Flaked Lupins

 It is no secret, I love our newest product, Flaked Lupins. They are so versatile, and nutritious. I add them to almost everything, but especially love to toast them. This is the easiest way to incorporate lupins into every single meal. 

Add to what you ask?

  • Top your pasta, this is like adding a delicious breadcrumb! 
  • Top your healthy fats
  • Mix into your cereals 
  • Mix into your salads
  • The list goes on!




  • All you need to do is spread some raw flaked lupins into a dry frypan or on a baking sheet.

  • Toast them until they have turned a golden brown.

  •  Store in an airtight container for as long as you need to.

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 Raw & toasted flaked lupins in bowls on wooden board

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