We have a new family member – My Provincial Kitchen

We have to ensure all our customers have access to gluten free goodness. Please be aware of other shoppers & only order what you need. WE HAVE HAD TO INSTALL A POLICY OF MULTIPLES OF 2 OF EACH INDIVIDUAL ITEM OR 1 LUPIN BUNDLE PER ORDER ONLY. Thank you for your understanding.

We have a new family member

We have watched the gluten free space a fair bit & we are keen to know what people are wanting.  Robert & I really want to provide quality gluten free foods to people that have quality ingredients.

People with dietary requirements deserve the right to quality food & that's what we strive to produce.  

Will all this in mind, we have found a product that we feel people are going to love.  We have really enjoyed trialing these, they've been a real winner.

Ta Da, welcome to the 


Lupin Anzac Biscuits

When made these biscuits are reminiscent of the traditional Anzac, without the gluten or dairy.  They have minimal add-ins, just some rice malt syrup (or maple or golden syrup), coconut oil & water and the dry mix, pop them in the oven & voila they are done, absolutely delicious.  

Head over to our store to purchase yourself a pack of this fabulous biscuit mix.


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