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Lupin recipe book

  • Chocolate Lupin Brownie

    Super easy, delicious chocolate lupin brownie with an added twist of fruit & nut.  This mix is versatile, easy & oh so yummy.  Why not get your kids in the kitchen to help you whip it up!
  • Lupin Anzac Hedgehog - Vegan

    Our family absolutely loves hedgehog & it's something that I have struggled to recreate with quality ingredients

    That was until I thought about using our Anzac biscuit mix .  You need to make the biscuits first, then crush them & add the other ingredients, set in the fridge & then top with some delicious chocolate.  This is rich, decadent & delicious
  • Gluten free Easter cupcakes

    A cross between a cupcake & a muffin, do you call it a mupcake?  It has a slightly crumby texture like a muffin with a lightness similar to a cupcake.  These are made with our Lupin Pancake mix to make creating something delicious super easy for you.
  • More donuts - Raspberry white choc this time

    Lupin raspberry white choc donuts, baked & ready to eat in under 15 minutes.  How easy, delicious & fun!
  • Lupin Donuts

    Baked lupin donuts, healthy, light, fluffy & delicious
  • Savoury Muffin Pies by Janice

    Lupin savoury muffin mix pies.  Here's the easiest pies you can make & you'll have enough mix left over to make more another day.
  • Anzac fruit crumble

    Our Lupin Anzac Biscuit pack is a versatile product.  You aren't only restricted to making Anzac biscuits with this mix.   We love to use it in a f...
  • Lupin Anzac Lemon & Coconut by Kelsi from The Gluten Free Maize

    Kelsi from The Gluten Free Maize is a machine in the kitchen.  Here is another one of her recipes using our Lupin Anzac Biscuit mix, without a biscuit to be found anywhere.
  • Banana overload

    Do you ever have bananas hanging around & they turn brown?  Then what do you do with them?  I either freeze them for use at a later stage, or I...
  • Add some lupin deliciousness to your dinner

    Lupin flour adds extra nutrition not to mention deliciousness to this family favourite dinner.
  • Lupin Flour Zucchini Fritters - created by chef Russell Blaikie

    Lupin zucchini fritters, really easy to make, full of flavour & nutrition.  You've got to give these ones a go
  • Lupin battered fish that is absolutely delicious

    We love taking a trip to a local coast town to have fish and chips.   The thing is that it is an hours drive away & we're still busy at this ti...