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Delicious lupin pancakes

Who doesn't love a good pancake stack?  We love to have ours with some bacon, maple syrup & fruit (the kids love to add ice cream too).  Since we brought out our pancake mix, it is so much easier to whip up a batch.  

These pancakes are full of nutrition, they have 23% wholemeal lupin flour in them and they fill up hungry tummies so well.  There is no added sugar in our premix so it won't give you that sugar high.  A pack of these pancakes will generally give you 26 pancakes & for this recipe you'll use only half a pack, so you've got some left for next time.  



170g Lupin pancake mix (half a packet)

2 XL eggs

3/4 c milk (of choice)

oil for cooking pancakes in


Lightly beat eggs & milk together

Add pancake mix to combined egg & milk

Stir to combine well, make sure you give it a good mix to get the flours activated

Add a little oil to your frypan & warm to medium heat

Add spoonfuls into your pan & cook on low to medium heat for 1-2 minutes on each side

Serve while warm with your favourite toppingsLupin pancakes


Our family of 6 (grown people) would usually consume a triple batch of 'regular' wheat pancakes, with our lupin pancakes we use this recipe, half a packet fills us up.

Chat soon

Tanya xo


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