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Bag of Savoury Lupin Muffins- Gluten free & endorsed by coeliac australia
Savoury Lupin Muffins Nutritional Panel
Savoury Lupin Muffins- Gluten free
Savoury Lupin Muffins- Gluten free
Savoury Lupin Muffins on a plate with chutney - Gluten free
Savoury Lupin Muffins on a blue plate with bacon- Gluten free
Savoury Lupin Muffins on a blue plate with a bowl of corn. Gluten free
Savoury Lupin Muffins on a cooling rack - Gluten free
Savoury Lupin Muffins, bowl of corn, jar of chutney, plate of bacon.- Gluten free


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That’s why we created the savoury muffin, just for you.  These muffins are filling, tasty & oh so easy to make. They’re great for a meal or make into mini muffins for a healthy snack.  With tomato, capsicum, onion & garlic they’re packed with flavour to satisfy your tastebuds. Plus they include spinach, so you'll feel good about your family having some extra greens.  

Something your whole family will love

These muffins will fill up hungry tummies & keep them full for longer.  This is because of all the nutrition that is packed into every lupin seed.  We want to help you feed your family the sorts of foods they will love & you will feel happy feeding them. 

We’ve been growing lupins since 1980 in the pristine countryside of Western Australia.  We plant the seeds and nurture them through the season to harvesting.  Then we store, mill, blend and package all ourselves on farm in our specialised facility.

They won’t even realise they’re gluten free  

lupin seeds

Here's the details

With our 400g savoury lupin muffin premix packet you will be able to bake 12 muffins or 48 mini muffins, pop some in the freezer, to make snack time quick, easy & healthy. 

Pop on over to our recipe page and search for muffins to see our suggested flavour variations; a little fruit chutney, bacon or corn kernels to create a little something different.

Endorsed by Coeliac Australia

Coeliac Disease is not a fad & we get that, we take it seriously.  This is why our products are endorsed by Coeliac Australia, it’s important to know you’re eating food you can trust. 

Coeliac Australia

INGREDIENTS: Gluten free lupin flour (wholemeal lupin flour (25%), maize starch, tapioca starch, brown rice flour, baking powder, baking soda, salt), capsicum, tomato, spinach, onion, xanthan gum, pepper, garlic

ALLERGEN: Contains lupin

2 eggs - lightly beaten
130ml water
1c grated cheese (dairy or dairy free works well)
60ml olive oil
140ml milk of choice

Head over to our  recipe page, to see the different flavours we create using our savoury lupin muffin premix

Swing by our products page to see all our lupin products                                                                            

Do you want to know more about lupins?  Check out our FAQ's where we have answers to our most commonly asked questions 



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