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Answers to your burning questions

What is Lupin?

Lupin in a naturally gluten free legume.  It is best suited to the sandier soils & a Mediterranean climate, (which is perfect for where we farm).


Lupin seeds


Coeliac Australia logoDo you grow wheat, is there the possibility of cross contamination of gluten?

Yes we grow wheat, and canola as well as lupins.  We are very passionate about the quality of our lupins.  We have protocols in place that reduce the risk of cross contamination with the wheat and canola that we grow.  We regularly test for gluten in our products.

Our products are endorsed by Coealiac Australia, we send them our test results so they are sure their endorsement is valid.  




What is the difference between your wholemeal & self raising flours?

wholemeal lupin flour            self raising lupin flour
Wholemeal lupin flour                      Self raising lupin flour
        very dense                           1 for 1 wheat replacement
           USE IN                                          USE IN
         casseroles                                  all your baking
 spaghetti bolognaise                       cakes, cookies, slices 
          crumbing                                    pastry, quiches
     salmon patties                          no raising agents needed 
Check out our recipes here to see how we use these flours in our home.


What is so special about your lupin?

The lupin we grow is specifically bred for human consumption.  The alkaloid (the bitterness) level of our lupins has been recorded at a level that is acceptable for human consumption.  It is high in fibre and protein while being low in carbs.  It also has notable levels of antioxidants, potassium & iron.  We have our own storage and facility specifically built for working with lupin.

lupin storage


Are lupins an allergen?

Lupins have been registered on the food allergies list by FSANZ (Food standards Australia New Zealand).  As with any protein containing foods, there is the chance of allergy.  A small percentage of people who are allergic to peanuts could be allergic to lupins.  If you are unsure please consult your health professional before consuming lupin.


Is your flour organic?

We are broadacre farmers and therefore we are unable to farm organically.  We do farm to a safe farm practice & we make every effort to grow our lupins sustainably and as environmentally friendly as possible.


Are lupins GM?

Lupins are not genetically modified.


Your recipes say to use rapadura sugar, why do you use that?

We use rapadura sugar in our own home, we do this because we understand it to be a wholefood.  You can use any sugar you have in your own home in our recipes.  Here is a link to some information about different sugars.



What does lupin flour taste like?

Lupin flour has a nutty flavour.  In mixing with other flours & wet ingredients it can have an intriguing smell, almost like cut lawn or it could even smell rancid.  This is just how the lupin flour smells when mixed with other ingredients & liquid, rest assured this smell does NOT carry through into cooked goods. 

Lupins have a nutty flavour


Tell me about using lupin flour

Lupin flour is an interesting product to work with & if you are used to using other gluten free flours, then you can say it is comparable to those.  It is a dense flour & the best results I’ve had with lupin flour have been in recipes like fruit cakes, slices, biscuits, pastry & crumbing.  You can use higher quantities in these type of recipes, if you want to make a lighter cake then around 15-20% replacement for other flours would be a maximum suggested quantity.

Choc Brownie Lupin Muffin


I'm not coeliac, is lupin still good for me?

It sure is.  Lupin flour can be added to many savoury & sweet dishes to increase the nutrition of the food.  With the high protein & fibre it is great for 'bulking' up your food while giving it that plant protein boost.  We love to use lupin flour in a range of recipes which are not gluten free or that you would not necessarily expect flour to be in.


What's the nutrition profile of your products

You can find the nutrition panel for our

  • Wholemeal flour here
  • Self raising flour here
  • Pancake mix here