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Meet our Farming Family

 The My Provincial Kitchen Family



My Provincial Kitchen is led by Robert (the farmer) & Tanya (the cook).  Robert was born into farming, growing up on the land as a child, then coming back home after finishing his schooling and has been handed the reigns to continue the family tradition.  I was lured to the country life after falling in love with Robert and have taken to it like a duck to water.  Together we are raising 4 farm kids who love learning about growing food & are the rising stars in our future.

Farming has been in the Kitto family for many generations.  Originating in Cornwall (England) in the 1600’s where the family leased & farmed land.  In 1848 James & Jenifer Kitto migrated with their children to South Australia where in 1850 they made their first purchase of land to farm wheat.  This continued through the generations, land ownership traditionally passing on to sons.

Adams, a 3rd generation Kitto in Australia, went to work for an uncle as a baker in Balaklava (South Australia). After realising he wanted more for his family & longing to be farming again, he & his wife took their family of 5 sons on the long & uncertain journey to Western Australia.  

Kitto with his horses

One of Adams’ sons was named Lloyd, he along with his brothers continued farming and when Adams died Lloyd took over the family farm. Lloyd brought his own family of 4 up on the farm with wife Edna. Lloyd and Edna’s eldest son, Ian also had the farming blood. Ian purchased land close to his father's farm and along with his wife Wendy, kept the tradition of bringing up the next generation of farming. Ian and Wendy have 3 children, Robert being their only son. ⠀

Inovative farming









Ian following in the footsteps of his grandfather wanted more for his family then what the original family farm could provide. So he took the courageous leap of faith and purchased land and moved his family to the Midwest region of Western Australia. ⠀This is where the family currently farm today & where My Provincial Kitchen is based.

Specialised lupin storage


Lupins are a legume that play an integral role in sustainable farming.  We have been growing them since 1980 as they help with our crop rotation, in turn improving & assisting with soil rejuvenation.  Traditionally lupins have been used as a stock feed because they help the animals to grow much stronger and healthier. With this in mind we wanted to be able to share this benefit with people, so have worked long and hard at developing products that are easy to use as well as yummy to eat.

Western Australia grows 80% of the worlds sweet lupins & we are in the top 5% of growers, so we understand how these little legumes need to be nurtured.  We plant, grow, harvest, store, mill, blend and package all on farm. They’re part of our family, until they become part of yours.


We’re all short for time but we still want to feed our families healthy options, ones they will actually enjoy.  When you need to cut certain foods out of your diet, it can be hard to find quality replacements. That’s where we can help you out.  

My Provincial Kitchen is here to create quality gluten free foods that are healthy and taste great.  Foods your whole family will be happy to eat, making gluten free cooking and eating easier.

We understand what it’s like when you love food, but it’ doesn’t necessarily always love you back.  We look after your food so there’s no gluten involved & you can start to love your old favourites again.

Call by our store to see all our available lupin products to make your gluten free living easier.   



My Provincial Kitchen lupin products


If you want to know more about cooking with lupins, pop over to our recipe page where I welcome you into my lupin recipe book.  

Thanks for stopping by, we hope you love our products as much as we do

Tanya the Lupin Lady xo

Tanya Kitto